Month: July 2018

  • Smart Printing Of Your Notepad Made Possible With 3 Technological Processes

      For commercial purposes and specifically for the purposes of marketing to clients and associates in business, the mass production of the visible and resourceful marketing tool that is the pocket sized notepad requires some circumspection on the side of the business owner or manager. Over and above creating as much awareness and exposure as possible through notepad printing, the universal concern remains that of not over-extending the designated budget. notepad printingdevelopment of all related and specific printing Fortunately for the budget conscious business owner, particularly one that is just starting out, there are a number of ways that the cost saving exercise can be carried out. One of the best ways of ensuring cost saving is through (independent) research and development of all related and specific printing processes. And where small notepad printing on a mass production scale is concerned, look no further than lithographic practices, the use of digital technologies and inkjet printing. Depending on the caliber or integrity of the notepad design and its materials, all three of the abovementioned printing processes may not necessarily be used in one go. But each of the three processes mentioned here does make its own contributions towards cost savings. That, of course, will also be in the hands of the printing press manager and marketing representative. New technologies are in place to influence the quality and volume of ink that is used, not only contributing towards cost saving but making a positive impact where sustainable development is concerned. Sustainable development, of course, is the buzzword for becoming environmentally friendly and reducing the corporate carbon footprint. That is something that the use of digital technology and lithography is already doing. The related technologies also contribute towards beautiful and creative works when carried out by qualified and experienced printing professionals.